Feature launch

Organization: AmazonSmile
Role: Only designer (UX + Visual)
Problem: Not all customers who selected a charity to support later returned to shop at smile.amazon.com
Measure for success: Increase in direct traffic to smile.amazon.com

Problem definition

One of our hypotheses for why some customers weren't returning to smile.amazon.com was that they didn't realize when they were at www.amazon.com instead of smile.amazon.com. The most important moments of the experience to notice this is when you first land at smile.amazon.com, because that's when you made the intentional decision to shop in support of your charity, and when you make your purchase, since that's the moment you actually generate a donation for your charity.

www.amazon.com top navigation
www.amazon.com top nav
smile.amazon.com top navigation (before)
smile.amazon.com top nav before
smile.amazon.com thank you page (before)
smile.amazon.com thank you page before


To help make the difference more clear, we launched a test to add more visual differentiation between the two experiences. The first rollout of this test featured an auto-expanded popover when you landed at smile.amazon.com to reinforce the good choice you just made, and a more prominent thank you when you placed your purchase. The hope was that these feel-good messages would be missed if the customer shopped at www.amazon.com instead. While specific metrics are confidential, we saw a significant increase in direct transits for those customers who were in the testing group, and decided to roll the experiment out as a feature to all customers.

smile.amazon.com top navigation (after)
smile.amazon.com top nav after
smile.amazon.com thank you page (after)
smile.amazon.com top nav after