Organization: AmazonClicks, Amazon
Role: Only designer (UX + Visual)
Problem: Most sellers who were using Product Ads weren't utilizing a free feature that would help them track how well their ads were doing
Measures for success: Increase in traffic to the page & increased use of feature


When I researched why customers weren't choosing to use this feature, I discovered an overly-complicated UI, leveraging highly technical terms that didn't align with the terms the customers were familiar with, nor with Google Analytics, which is what this feature is ultimately usually used with.

We were asking for the customer to have a highly-technical knowledge to manually enter information, when we knew (with very rare exception) what settings they needed. The foreign terminology and the high cognitive load were getting in the way of customers discovering this feature and then ultimately being able to use it.

Very complicated before shot of the experience, called Link Macros
Showing how the before pattern worked when you went into edit mode, with just open fields to type for each entry


I restructured and rewrote the entire page, optimizing for customers to be able to quickly get what they needed; the settings for Google Analytics, while still providing an improved way to customize tracking parameters for those customers who were the exception and needed to create specific customized settings.

I also rewrote the entire page, including the title and coordinating link in the top navigation, to leverage the terminology that the customer was used to and Google Analytics was already using. This was especially helpful for discoverability, since most customers didn't understand what "Link Macros" had meant.

Showing a much simpler redesign, where the seller simply chooses from three radio buttons. The entire page is also renamed to something less technical, Customer click tracking.
Showing that if you select the second radio button, you get a clear explanation of what will happen next.
Showing that if you select the third radio button, you get to still fully customize it like you could in the original, but this level of detail is hidden in the other two options for most sellers that don't need that level of control.


We met our goals, but since this is an Amazon project, I can't share specific results.

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